Building a learning culture in
African Children

Dyeka kids learning app is a curriculum-based learning app, for children between the ages of 3-10 years. The scope of learning covers core subjects and topics in Nursery and Primary School. For each school term, the Dyeka app features ten lessons that model the ten weeks of learning in a regular school.

Children using the Dyeka app can learn alongside school or learn ahead. Subjects for Nursery classes include Numeracy, Literacy, Expressive art, and design, Knowledge & understanding of the world. Core primary school subjects include Numeracy, Literacy, Science, Geography and more.

The tutorial videos are simplified for every age bracket and learners can fully comprehend the topic without further explanation. The wonderful thing is children can always watch tutorial videos repeatedly until they fully comprehend the lesson. With test questions and instant feedback, children can evaluate their understanding of each lesson. Additional learning resources available on the app encourage further study and will be beneficial in the preparation of tests and exams.

Our communities need well- rounded children, enroll your children in a class on the
Dyeka app to build their innovation and creativity.

Dyeka is the best learning app for children aged 3-10 years. Enjoy STEM and co-curricular classes on the Dyeka app.

Our Mission

Our mission at Dyeka is to provide affordable yet premium learning experience to every child. To build a solid foundation that supports equity amongst learners.

Why should your child learn with Dyeka?

We have adopted a formula that integrates all aspects of life into learning academically. Our lessons are structured to encourage thinking, and active participation. The visual representations will hold the attention of your child and make understanding easy.